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Bowling Green Doctor Shut Down over Pill Dispensing

A Tennessee-licensed physician working in Kentucky has been ordered to close his practice because the state Board of Medical Licensure found he was dispensing "large quantities of narcotics" to customers from all around the state.

Board investigators went to the Bowling Green office of Dr. James Bridges on Wednesday and delivered paperwork revoking his temporary permit to practice in Kentucky. Board of Medical Licensure Medical Investigator Doug Wilson told The Daily News that the clinic, Advanced Therapeutics, drew the attention of law enforcement when it began taking customers from as far away Pikeville in eastern Kentucky.

Wilson says Bridges dispensed "large quantities" of the addictive pain reliever oxycodone, as well as Xanax, which, when taken with oxycodone, is "a deadly combination."

Bridges has not been charged with a crime.

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