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Effort to Restrict Pseudoephedrine Sales Up for House Debate

A proposal to restrict the purchase of pseudoephedrine-containing medicine is now up for discussion in the Kentucky House. The medicine is a key ingredient in meth production.

Earlier this month, the Senate passed a compromise proposal. That bill limits consumers to seven point two grams of PSE-medicines over the counter each month. The House Judiciary Committee heard from supporters of that compromise measure today.

State Representative Linda Belcher is the House point person on the issue. She told the committee that she still wishes for a more restrictive bill.

“This bill is not as strong as I would like. And when I first heard about it and talked with the senators I really wanted to do a couple of things and make a couple of amendments. But again, I feel very strongly this bill needs to pass,” she says.

During the meeting, Senator Robert Stivers explained to House members why restricting PSE is more important than limiting any other meth ingredient.

“The only ingredient that you cannot get away with and not leave out in the manufacturing process is ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. With that this bill attempts to limit access and require that pseudoephedrine or ephedrine be a legend drug,” Stivers says

The committee delayed a vote on the issue because four amendments were added to the bill.

But another meeting to consider those amendments and vote on the bill will be scheduled for later in the week.