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Mammoth Cave Public Comments on Park Management Plan Accepted July 1-30

Mammoth Cave National Park is seeking public input on its proposed environmental management plan. The comment period is July 1-30.

Mammoth Cave National Park attracts two million visitors each year, with about 500,000 of those taking a cave tour.

The mission of the park includes protecting its 53,000 acres with its unique karst geology, the limestone ground surface that allows water to drain underground and create caves.

Mammoth Cave National Park spokesperson Molly Schroer said public comments on the proposed Karst and Cave Management Plan can cover all aspects of the popular destination.

“What we’re really looking at in this plan are how we can best manage our resource protection issues in the park as they pertain to visitation, research activities, above ground activities that may affect the cave resources underground, as well as how to best maintain the public enjoyment and education of the cave," said Schroer.

The public can comment at forums on July 16 at the Cave City Convention Center and July 18 at the Edmonson County Public Library in Brownsville.

You can find the proposed plan and comment onlineat the National Park Service website. 

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