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Kentucky Electric Cooperatives Sending Crews to Assist in Hurricane Florence Recovery

Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives

Kentucky electric cooperatives have crews ready to be deployed to help with the recovery from Hurricane Florence. The exact destination, however, is still a moving target.

Hurricane Florence has been a shifting monster of a storm, taking a southward turn that’s been keeping recovery crews from Kentucky and many other states ready to assist, but waiting for the route to become clear.

Of the 24 local electric co-ops in Kentucky, 19 have crews ready to assist. At least 160 lineworkers are set to be deployed this weekend.

Joe Arnold is a spokesman for the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives. He said the deployment involves collaboration with electric cooperatives across the county and detailed planning.

"'Til we know exactly what happens in the path of Hurricane Florence, we won’t know exactly where they’re going, because we have to be able to assess exactly what the situation is.”

Hurricane Florence's change of direction and slow-moving pace, with excessive rainfall and dangerous flooding expected, have made the recovery planning somewhat challenging. 

Before we send any crews to anywhere, they are all paired with co-ops who have specifically requested the size of crew and the kind of equipment and talent that they need to be able to respond to their specific needs,” said Arnold.

The crews will head to hurricane damaged areas with utility trucks, diggers and other specialized equipment. The recovery teams from Kentucky's electric cooperatives are set to be deployed this weekend, with most expected to be sent to South Carolina.

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