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Abramson: I'm Not Going to Run Against McConnell

Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson will not be a Democratic Senate candidate in 2014, taking on the nation's most powerful Republican, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Abramson says having served about a quarter-century as Louisville Mayor before taking on his current post, he sees himself more as an executive, than a legislator.

With that comment in mind, he says he hasn't yet decided whether to seek the Governor's office in 2015. While Abramson notes he has a couple years to decide, he adds Kentucky's never elected a Governor who was from Louisville.

On the Senate race, Abramson says he's sure his party will put up a strong candidate to challenge McConnell's bid for a 6th term. Of the name that's been recently thrown around, actress Ashley Judd, Abramson says if the parties are seeking native Kentuckians who live elsewhere, they should also pursue George Clooney and Diane Sawyer.

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