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Owensboro School Superintendent Gets Award from Music Educators

Owensboro Public Schools

The superintendent of Owensboro Public Schools has been named Administrator of the Year by the Kentucky Music Educators Association.

Superintendent Nick Brake said his advocacy for music and other arts in public schools continues a vision that began in the district years ago.

“It's a culmination of our board’s commitment over decades of previous superintendents who have held the same ideals and belief that the arts are part of the core curriculum in creating well-rounded students.”

Brake said even though school budgets are stretched thin, every child deserves music and other arts in order to become a well-rounded person. He encouraged school leaders to keep reminding lawmakers about the value of the arts.

“I urge you in these very trying times, particularly in our state, to continue to advocate because it’s really important that we are allowed to continue to keep the arts as part of the core curriculum, not an add-on.”

Brake accepted the award Feb. 9 at the annual conference of music educators in Louisville.

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