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Charter School Bill Introduced in Kentucky House

Charter school legislation has been introduced in the Kentucky House. It would allow a limited number of schools to pilot the concept, and supporters of the bill are hoping the less aggressive approach will appeal to those who have opposed past measures.

Shelbyville Rep. Brad Montell crafted his bill with help from the Kentucky Charter School Project. The group includes several organizations that have supported charter school legislation the past couple of years.

Spokesman Joe Burgan says the bill would pilot the charter school concept instead of allowing all schools the option.

“So instead of wide spread charter schools in Kentucky this would limit them top 75 schools over a five year period. So it’s starting small rather than trying to jump right in and get everything in one bill.”

Charter school legislation received a hearing in the House Education Committee in the last legislative session,  but made no further progress.

Kentucky is one of eight states that don’t have some form of charter school legislation. Supporters say it gives the community the choice to fix failing schools.    Opponents have argued it takes money away from the traditional public school system.

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