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Funding for Kentucky School Boards and Higher Education in State Auditor's Crosshairs

A busy schedule won’t keep Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen from digging into school board funding. Edelen is currently planning audits into special taxing districts and Medicaid managed care. His office is also required to do hundreds of audits of local and state government agencies. But Edelen says he’ll keep his campaign pledge to look at school funding. And that could include a review of the state’s public universities, too.

“In the very near future we’re going to be launching a comprehensive effort to make examinations about how well, how honestly and how effectively school board dollars are being spent at the local level,” he says.

Edelen says he’s also concerned with public university finances and frequent tuition increases.

“I’m keenly interested in the affordability of higher education and will be active as soon as we can find an angle for insuring the taxpayers get a good value for their dollar,” he says.

So far, Edelen has completed the annual statewide audits, a look into University of Louisville Hospital funding, a special audit into Richer Farmer's terms as agriculture commissioner and several other reports.