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Bowling Green Art Museum Showcasing Exhibit Reflecting on Life and War in Bosnia

Art can take many shapes and forms. Describing a spectrum of emotions, concepts and ideas, Western Kentucky University Art Professor Yvonne Petkus drew upon her experience visiting Bosnia to create original works for an exhibit on display in Bowling Green.

That exhibit, Responding to Bosnia, is on display at the Downing Museum, and also features photography by WKU photojournalist James Kenney.

"As an artist, I deal with dark content and difficult content regularly," said Petkus. "And part of that is because just like a philosopher use certain philosophy and words, the written language to further philosophy and looking at the harder parts of who we are as human beings.

"That's what I do as an artist. I push fairly tough stuff through physical and cognitive thinking through paint, and so I have a belief that look at things directly, looking at tough stuff directly actually helps us understand and connect in a way that's deeper than glossing over that stuff."

Brandon Woempner, a WKU graduate student and part of the Brinkley Fellowship program, sat down with Petkus to discuss her works and the exhibit, which runs through April 4. You can hear their conversation by clicking the "Listen" button above.

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