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Community Conversation at WKU Highlights Robert Penn Warren's Greatest Work

Center for Robert Penn Warren Studies at WKU

The group Kentucky Humanities is winding down its statewide reading initiative with a final community conversation next week at Western Kentucky University.

The Democracy and the Informed Citizen event is concluding theKentucky Reads project centered around the work of Todd County native Robert Penn Warren, and his Pulitzer Prize winning novel All the Kings Men.  

Kentucky Humanities Executive Director Bill Goodman finds the 72-year old novel a timely piece of literature.

"Some people would say the attack on journalism today, especially rural journalism, is it disappearing?  Where do people get their news? Social media enters the picture, there are lots of things that occurred in 1946 that we find can be looked at under the microscope," Goodman said.

The Democracy and the Informed Citizen community conversation begins at 6:30pm next Tuesday, Oct. 23, in Jody Richards Hall on the WKU campus. 

You can hear more of our conversation with Bill Goodman by clicking on the listen button. 

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