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Comer: Kentucky Farmers, Consumers Feeling the Pinch of Fuel Prices

While the high cost of gas hurts most consumers, Kentucky's agriculture commissioner says farmers are especially hard-hit. James Comer says fuel costs impact every part of food production, leaving farmers with little recourse when gas prices spike.

"It doesn't just affect the price of fuel that they pay for the farm equipment and their farm vehicles, it affects fertilizer probably more than anything," said Comer, a Monroe County native. "The fertilizer costs have quadrupled in the last decade. That makes it more expensive to plant any type of crop, and it lowers your profit margin."

Comer says the high cost of fuel will also continue to impact the prices consumers pay at the grocery store. According to the website,  the average price for a gallon of gas in Kentucky is $3.70.

Reports from public radio stations in Kentucky.
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