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Bowling Green’s first LGBTQ health clinic accepting new patients

Graves Gilbert Clinic

A multi-specialty healthcare provider in Bowling Green is opening a new clinic to serve the needs of the region’s LGBTQ community.

The new practice, part of the Graves Gilbert Clinic, will offer specialized services including gender affirming care for transgender patients, HIV prevention including PrEP prescriptions, and LGBTQ-specific mental health treatments. Primary care will also be available for traditional medical needs.

Dr. Craig Losekamp decided to spearhead the opening of the clinic after seeing LGBTQ patients experience discrimination and uniformed healthcare providers.

“All it takes is one or two people in an office to make a situation uncomfortable and not inviting for a patient. It really touched me on how much of a need there was in this community,” Losekamp said.

In addition to more appropriate medical treatment, he said the clinic will simply be a welcoming environment for diverse populations to seek care.

“If there are people in the community who are not accepting and reject them, then that means there should be a place where they’re comfortable and they are accepted,” Losekamp said. “It’s trying to balance things out in a way that does the most good for humanity.”

Disparities in LGBTQ healthcare are especially apparent among transgender patients. A report from the Center for American Progress found 29% of surveyed transgender individuals reported a healthcare provider refusing to provide services because of their gender identity. Most of Losekamp’s practice will be focused on serving transgender patients, which he identified as a growing need in LGBTQ healthcare.

“There’s a lot of barriers to care for them and unfortunately there’s a lot of discrimination and societal aversion to them. I figured that the best way to see improvements in the way the world is, is to do something about it,” Losekamp explained.

Graves Gilbert’s LGBTQ Clinic is currently accepting new patients. The direct line for the clinic is 270-746-5789.

Dalton York joined WKU Public Radio in December 2021 as a reporter and host of Morning Edition. He graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in History from Murray State University, and was named MSU's Outstanding Senior Man for fall 2021. He previously served as a student reporter and All Things Considered host for WKMS, part of the Kentucky Public Radio network. He has won multiple Kentucky Associated Press Awards and Impact Broadcast Awards from the Kentucky Broadcasters Association. A native of Marshall County, Dalton is a proud product of his tight-knit community.
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