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WKU Baseball Players Explain the Art of Pitching

This story is an entry from WKYU-FM in the category of Best Sports Feature/Special for the 2013 Kentucky Associated Press Broadcasters awards competition.

In this story, WKYU-FM's Dan Modlin spoke with Western Kentucky University baseball players and coaches about the techniques used by pitchers to win their battles with batters.

It's common to hear players and analysts talk on TV and radio about using breaking balls to fool hitters, or a two-seam fastball to overpower a batter. But what goes into making those pitches a success? And how do catchers and pitchers go about choosing which pitch to throw in each given situation?

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Dan Modlin served as News Director at WKU Public Radio for 23 years, and retired in early 2013. He's a native of Indiana who grew up in a broadcasting family. A graduate of Ball State University, he worked for several years in the news network business in the Midwest, specializing in agricultural and political coverage, before coming to WKU Public Radio. His reports have earned numerous national and state awards for documentary production, public affairs reporting, and enterprise reporting.