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On Monday Aug. 21, 2017, there will be a total solar eclipse. One of the best places to view the eclipse is in our own backyard in Hopkinsville. There will also be eclipse-watching events in Bowling Green.

NASA Issues Warning About Unsafe Eclipse Viewing Glasses


As Bowling Green, Hopkinsville, Franklin and other Kentucky cities in prime viewing area prepare for the solar eclipse on Aug. 21, NASA is issuing a warning.

NASA has been alerted that some unsafe eclipse glasses are being sold to consumers. Special eye protection is needed for safe viewing of the astronomical event.   

NASA says the only glasses that should be used are produced by four companies – American Paper Optics, Rainbow Symphony, TSE 17 and Thousand Oaks Optical. 

The safe glasses must also have the reference number ISO 12312-2.

NASA has details on safe eclipse viewing glasses and on the solar eclipse on its website

The path of the eclipse runs across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. Locations nearest the center line will experience darkness for two-minutes-and-43-seconds.

Hopkinsville is on the center line for one of the longest times of total eclipse in the nation. Bowling Green is at the edge of the “path of totality” for the eclipse. Many other cities in the region are also in prime viewing area  and are planning special events and designated parking areas for thousands of cars expected to arrive on Aug. 21.

Emergency managers are also coordinating regional preparedness because of the hot weather predicted on that day and because the eclipse occurs at the hottest time of the day, around one o'clock in the afternoon.

More information on the eclipse is on the Western Kentucky University eclipse website



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