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Kentucky AAA: Holiday Travel Numbers Will Be Heavier Than Usual

Flickr/Creative Commons/Minnesota DOT

Expect higher than normal volumes of traffic this Thansgiving weekend. 

AAA is projecting more than 54 milloin Americans will travel fifty miles or more away from home this Wednesday through Sunday.  Spokeswoman Linda Lambert says with all those people sharing the roadway, there's no substitute for being prepared.

"Three-hundred-sixty-thousand motorists will be rescued between Wednesday and Sunday of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  This happens every time there's a big travel season, we see the top three reasons people call AAA for lockouts, flat tires, and dead batteries."

AAA encourages drivers to avoid talking  and texting while driving, and to instead have a designated rider handle the cell phone if possible.  Lambert adds that hands-free technology can be deceiving since drivers are still distracted by a conversation while driving. 

Hear more of our conversation with Linda Lambert by clicking on the listen button above.