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Shelters Across Kentucky Caring for Animals Rescued from Edmonson County Facility

Animals rescued from an Edmonson County shelter are being nursed back to health at several facilities in our region.

Kentucky State Police raided the shelter in Edmonson County Saturday morning, and sent about 60 cats and dogs to shelters in Bowling Green, Glasgow, and Owensboro.

Many of the animals found at the Bee Spring facility were malnourished and suffer from respiratory problems.

Jamie Ray, director of the Barren River Animal Welfare Association in Glasgow, says the 16 dogs and 11 cats they took from Edmonson County will be adoptable.

When it comes to caring for malnourished canines, Ray says the shelter will slowly build them back up.

“You don’t want to overfeed a dog that’s been underfed, because all that’s going to do is upset their stomach. You always give them plenty of water—they’ve all got buckets of water. But the food, you’ll give them a little bit now, and a little bit this afternoon. You feed them a little bit at a time.”

Ray says some of the animals brought in from the Edmonson County shelter are in good enough health to be adopted now. But most will take some time to be nursed back to health.

BRAWA has a veterinarian on staff who will look after each of the rescued animals. She’ll decide when they are ready to be adopted.

The shelter also works with several rescue operations that transport animals from the Barren County facility to parts of the country where there is a shortage of adoptable cats and dogs.

“One is the PetSmart Rescue Wagon,” Ray said. “We’ve already submitted our list for this month, but if we still have some of these same dogs next month, they’ll be submitted for that rescue wagon.”

A second rescue wagon picks up pets transported to Hardin County. Those animals are then taken to homes across the northeastern U.S. and Canada.

Kim Carroll, the director of the Edmonson County animal shelter, is facing a second degree charge of cruelty to animals.

Kevin is the News Director at WKU Public Radio. He has been with the station since 1999, and was previously the Assistant News Director, and also served as local host of Morning Edition.
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