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DOT: 31 Percent of Kentucky's Bridges Are Structurally Deficient or Obsolete

As part of its efforts to get Congress to pass a long-term transportation bill, the U-S Department of Transportation has released an “infrastructure snapshot” that paints a grim portrait of Kentucky’s roads and bridges.

According to the fact sheet, more than 31% of Kentucky’s 14,000 bridges are considered structurally deficient or obsolete. The snapshot also highlights a report that says driving on roads in need of repair costs Kentucky drivers $543 million a year in vehicle repairs and operating costs.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman Chuck Wolfe says Kentucky is not unique in its problem of having more infrastructure needs than money to pay for them.

“The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is daily in the position of having to manage its money and be keenly aware of its priorities - and priorities can change," adds Wolfe.

The federal Highway Trust Fund expires at the end of this month. The U-S Department of Transportation is championing its GROW America Act – a six-year, $478 billion spending plan.