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Still No Agreement On Making Up Snow Days

Kentucky LRC

Kentucky state lawmakers have failed to agree on a bill that would relax the state's school attendance laws because of the unusual number of snowstorms this winter.

State law requires school districts to have at least 170 days and 1,062 hours of classroom instruction each school year. But some school districts have missed more than 30 days this year because of snow, pushing the school year for some districts toward the end of June or even into July.

House and Senate negotiators could not agree Monday on when the school year should end. House Speaker Greg Stumbo said the bill is so important, he'd be willing to appoint new negotiators to try again. Lawmakers have just eight legislative days left to reach a compromise.

In fact, more than 250 bills are in limbo as the Kentucky state legislature enters the final week of their session. Just 22 of the 824 bills filed this year have passed both the House and the Senate and, of those, only eight have become law.

Legislators still need to pass a $20 billion biennial budget, a $4.5 billion two-year road spending plan and a bill setting state revenues for the next two years that includes a gas tax increase in the House version. Also pending are bills that would restore voting rights to some convicted felons, increase the penalties of high volume heroin dealers and stop lawmakers from boosting their pension benefits by taking a high paying state job toward the end of their careers.

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