Investigators Search for Answers in Patton Scandal

Frankfort, KY – Federal and State investigators are searching for answers in the scandal that's engulfed Kentucky Governor Patton. Federal Prosecutors, the FBI, and investigators from the Kentucky Attourney General's office met yesterday with Tina Conner, the woman who is suing the governor for sexual harrassment.

Conner claims Patton used his office to help her western Kentucky nursing home while the two were having an affair. She also says Patton forced her business into bankruptcy after she broke off their relationship. The governor has admitted to having the affair, but denies using his office to either help or hurt Connor's nursing home.

Meanwhile, Conner has told investigators the name of a Patton administration employee she says frequently called her nursing home to warn of visits by state inspectors. Patton denies that charge as well, saying nobody in his administration would have access to such information.