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Nelson County Will Have Drive-Through Voting for Nov. 3 Election

Nelson County Clerk

Election officials across Kentucky have come up with a variety of options to keep voters safe during the pandemic. Nelson County will have drive-through voting for the November general election.

Nelson County had drive-up voting for the June primary and County Clerk Jeanette Sidebottom said it worked so well, they’re offering it again for the election on Nov. 3.

“It’s just like a precinct. We have our E-poll books. We will scan their ID and it will come up and tell us what ballot to give the voter," said Sidebottom. A"nd then they will drive up a little bit. Someone else will hand them the ballot itself. They’ll vote and then we’ll roll a machine up to the window and they scan it."

The drive-up voting on Election Day will be only at the Nelson County Fairgrounds. Sidebottom said it offers the added peace of mind so many people are looking for during the stress of the pandemic.

“It’s really good. There’s still a lot of people who don’t want to get out and get around people. They’re real concerned with this virus, so the drive-through is perfect," said Sidebottom. "You stay in your car with your family. If there’s four, there’s four ballots. If we need to roll up another machine for them to scan it, they’ll scan their own ballot.”

The Nelson County Fairgrounds site will also offer walk-in voting on Election Day,

Nelson County will also have three other voting centers on Nov. 3 where any registered voter from the county can cast their ballot. Those sites are the New Haven School, Bloomfield Middle School and the main branch of the Nelson County Public Library.  

For early in-person voting that begins on Oct. 13, that will only be at the main branch of the Nelson County Public Library.

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