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Marshall County High School Shooting Documents, Arraignment Video Unsealed

Marshall County Circuit Court video screenshot

Marshall County Circuit Court has released previously sealed documents in the case of accused Marshall County High School shooter Gabe Parker.  The Kentucky Court of Appeals ordered Thursday that an arraignment video along with other documents involving the January 23 shooting be released.

Note: Watch Gabe Parker's previously sealed arraignment video below.

The presiding Judge Jamie Jameson had ordered that documents remain closeddue to a defense attorney’s questioning of Parker’s due process in juvenile proceedings.  In the arraignment video Jameson, also urged confidentiality of the proceedings in the event that the case moves to trial.

Jameson said information circulated by media could “taint a jury pool” if proceedings move forward in Marshall County. The video also confirmed a request from the defense that actions be taken to investigate the “competency” of Gabe Parker.

According to the previous gag order, both Jameson and the defense argued that such protections should stay in place until Parker’s challenge to the transfer from the juvenile division of the District Court to the Circuit Court is resolved.

Defense attorney Tom Griffiths did not wish to enter a plea. Pursuant to RCr 8.08, "If a defendant refuses to plead... the court shall enter a plea of not guilty," which Jameson does.

Credit Marshall County Circuit Court video screenshot
Gabe Parker (left) with Defense Attorney Tom Griffiths.

An ‘Agreed Order’ from both the defense and prosecution released after the arraignment determined to keep court documents confidential until a motion on this matter had been filed and resolved.

Documents now released state a public hearing is to be held on the merits of the defendant’s motion challenging the jurisdiction of the court March 12th at 11:30 a.m.

There is also a "Juvenile Transport Order" for a court appearance in the Marshall Circuit Courtroom on March 11th at 11 a.m.

According to the released documents, a status hearing date has also been set for August 3rd at 1 p.m., as discussed in the hearing. Jameson said that should give authorities an opportunity to “firm up evidence” and complete discovery procedures.

Credit Marshall County Circuit Court video screenshot
Commonwealth's Attorney Mark Blankenship (left), Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Jacob Ford.

An "Affadavit For Search Warrant" filed on February 28 confirms that Parker is being held at the McCracken County Juvenile Detention Center. The document describes an account from Kentucky State Police Detective David Dick that Parker "is on video committing the acts and confessed to said incident." On January 23 (the day of the shooting), "Parker led detectives to the location of the firearm used in the crime." The video in reference is stated as 'video surveillance' at Marshall County High School. Detectives recovered a firearm, spent shell casings and other items at the scene as evidence, to be matched with Parker's DNA and fingerprints.     

Circuit Court Clerk Tiffany Griffith said all juvenile records have been released except for search warrants containing juvenile names other than Gabe Parker.

Parker has been indicted on two charges of murder and 14 counts of assault in the shooting at Marshall County High School.

Parker turns 16 on March 3.

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