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Anti-Trump Rally Held in Louisville

Michael Conroy/AP

President-elect Donald Trump’s victory on election night over Democrat Hillary Clinton isn’t sitting well with some Louisville residents.

About two hundred people gathered in downtown Thursday night to peacefully protest Trump’s presidency. Similar protests have occurred in cities across the country since the final votes were tallied.

Twenty-six year old LaSue Karneh  is a Liberian refugee now living in Louisville. She said Trump is a misogynist and a racist." He’s going to have to learn some sensitivity and learn how to work with other people and other races and creeds and nationalities and unless he can actually do that he’s not going to succeed. He might have the senate and might have the house but he doesn’t have the people."

Clinton won 53 percent of the vote in Jefferson County. Statewide, Trump won 62 percent of the vote.

Seventy year old Beverly Smith of Louisville joined the crowd downtown and said the protest was just a way to vent and show frustration with the election that didn’t go their way." I know it’s not going to change anything for four years, but, you know, I’m not anti-Trump I just want people to realize that they can’t expect everything from him that they think he’s going to do, he’s not going to bring back their jobs from China or Mexico that’s ridiculous."

Louisville Police blocked traffic for the protest, which wound around a handful of downtown blocks. No arrests or injuries were reported.

Reports from public radio stations in Kentucky.