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AARP to Use Fancy Farm Event to Discuss Major Entitlement Programs

The nation’s leading organization for seniors will use this year's Fancy Farm picnic to launch a nationwide tour to help voters be better informed about Social Security and Medicare.

The goal of the “You’ve Earned a Say” bus tour is to clear up what the AARP calls hype and spin around proposed changes to the nation’s biggest entitlement programs.

“What AARP wants to do is, cut through the hype, cut through the spin and deliver the facts on Social Security and Medicare. We want to look at the options being discussed in Washington. We want to bring that discussion out to the community,” says AARP Kentucky Communications Director Scott Wegenast.

Wegenast says the organization picked Fancy Farm because of it's a key political event in Kentucky.

“And we want to put this new vehicle that AARP is touring the nation with in front of voters. And we know people who come to Fancy Farm are voters and plus there will be several thousand people there,” he says.

The bus will be equipped with video booths to help voters record messages to their elected officials and multiple informational tools, including iPads and video games.

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