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Bill Cracking Down on Kentucky Prescription Pills Officially Signed into Law

Kentucky lawmakers and Governor Steve Beshear are applauding the passage of a bill aimed at reducing prescription pill abuse. Beshear signed the pill bill Tuesday, inviting key legislators and law enforcement officers to take part in the ceremony.

The new law isn’t as tough as some had hoped. But House Speaker Greg Stumbo says changes can always be made later.

“And I would have obviously preferred something stronger, but it is a step in the right direction and if it doesn’t work we can always come back and do something to amend it later,” Stumbo says.

The bill does increase law enforcement’s role in monitoring pill prescriptions and restricts ownership of pain clinics to doctors.  It was one of two passed during last week’s special session, and Beshear says it’s significant that any bill aimed at tackling the state’s prescription drug abuse problem is becoming law.

“This spring’s legislative sessions had a lot of twists and turns. Yet, we were able to overcome those distractions that sometimes divide us and put this legislation into law,” he says.

The governor also says he’s still considering whether to issue an executive order to move the KASPER tracking system to the attorney general’s office.