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National Corvette Museum announces new exhibit on anniversary of sinkhole

National Corvette Museum
This is what it looked like the day a sinkhole swallowed up a number of vintage vehicles at the National Corvette Museum.

Monday marked a decade since a massive sinkhole swallowed up prized cars at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.

Just after 5:30 a.m. on Feb. 12, 2014, a cave-in claimed eight cars from the museum’s multi-million-dollar collection of Corvettes. Videoand images captured by the museum’s security cameras went viral.

“All over the world, so it really put the museum on the map and exposed the museum to people that maybe didn’t know it existed in the first place," said Director of Collections Robert Maxhimer.

But out of tragedy came triumph as the sinkhole created a tourism boom and help spur new investment, including millions of dollars in renovations, the creation of a STEAM-focused education gallery, and the addition of the Motorsports Park to its campus.

National Corvette Museum

Maxhimer says the museum will open a new exhibit this summer called Ground to Sky: The Sinkhole Reimagined.

“We’ll have the cars that were in the sinkhole on display so people can see that, including the one-millionth Corvette that was fully restored by GM, and we have a time lapse of that, so that’s going to be really interesting for people to see," Maxhimer told WKU Public Radio.

The exhibit opens June 14 and runs through Sept. 15.





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