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Denton Files Two Bills To Place Affordable Care Act Decisions in Kentucky Lawmakers' Hands

State Sen. Julie Denton has filed two bills that would put control of implementation of the Affordable Care Act into lawmakers’ hands.

Gov. Steve Beshear created a state-run health exchange through an executive order and is mulling whether to expand Medicaid. Both are parts of the ACA, also known as Obamacare.

Denton says her goal is to let lawmakers have some say in either matter.

“Well all those pieces of legislation will do is say that only by the authority of the General Assembly can we expand our Medicaid program or can we set up the health benefit exchanges,” she says.

But House Speaker Greg Stumbo says his chamber will likely ignore Denton’s bills.

And the governor says he’s not worried about them either.

“I’m moving ahead with that and I am believe that in the end we will not see legislation that will prevent me from moving ahead with that,” Beshear says.

Republicans would rather see the federal government run Kentucky’s exchange and for Medicaid to not expand, citing the costs of both decisions to the state. But Democrats say expansion will be beneficial for the state and its unhealthy citizens.

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