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Alorica Now at 200 Employees of 840 Planned for Owensboro

Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation

A California-based customer service company locating an office in Owensboro has already hired nearly one-quarter of the 840 employees it plans to have in Daviess County.

Alorica is in the process of renovating the BB&T building in downtown Owensboro and will occupy four floors of the five-story building, with a restaurant and other commercial space planned for the sidewalk level.

While construction is in progress, Brescia University is partnering with Alorica to train some of the 200 employees who have already been hired.

Ken Muché is a spokesman for Alorica and says the collaboration with Brescia is an outstanding partnership.

“We invested in their training facilities to upgrade their computers, computers which they get to keep, we’re donating them and all the IT backbone that was built to support that.”

The company is continuing to hire for jobs ranging from IT to human resources to positions in what the company calls “customer engagement.”

Muché says most people think of the telephone when they hear “customer service,” but Alorica has redefined that as “customer engagement” because it’s on many platforms. 

“We serve customers on social media, text messaging customer service, instant messaging chat and video messaging chat and those are really the slowly growing parts of the business, whereas the voice part is slowly declining.”

Alorica is also working with economic development groups in Owensboro and Daviess County and is tentatively planning to develop what Muche describes as a customer engagement training program.

Alorica hasn’t yet announced a date when the building will be finished and ready for employees to move in. 

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