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Opportunity Center of Owensboro sees return of volunteers for cultural activities

Opportunity Center of Owensboro
Diane Earle, a pianist with the Owensboro Symphony, brings music to the Opportunity Center.

A Daviess County nonprofit that offers job training, support services and social activities for adults with developmental disabilities is seeing an uptick in
volunteers as the pandemic has eased.

The Opportunity Center of Owensboro has recently hosted cultural events from community groups and volunteers.

Executive Director Sally Phillips said the activities are a way to enrich the lives of the clients, who range in age from 20 to 79. She said one recent volunteer group
was from Owensboro High School.

"We had the Red Steel Band come the other day and they not only played for us, but they taught some of our clients how to play the drums. Played a song," said Phillips. "That was a great experience.”

Another recent volunteer was Diane Earle, a pianist from the Owensboro Symphony.

And the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden in Owensboro is launching a partnership with the Opportunity Center to offer clients a chance to develop gardening skills.

"We’re going to helping them maintain the plants for the next few months,” said Phillips.

Opportunity Center of Owensboro
A member of the Red Steel Band from Owensboro High Schools shares some drumming time with a client at the Opportunity Center.