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Farms to Food Banks Increasing Protein by Adding Eggs

Kentucky Association of Food Banks

The Kentucky Farms to Food Banks program is adding a new source of protein to help families in need get balanced nutrition. 

Tamara Sandberg is executive director of the Kentucky Association of Food Banks. She says there have been requests from food banks to increase healthy proteins.

“For the first time in addition to the fresh fruits and vegetables, we’re reaching out to egg producers in Kentucky that might have extras that they are not able to sell otherwise, that they’re willing to provide to us to give to food banks.”

The program is in the process of setting a fair price that helps producers offset the cost of providing eggs to food banks.

The Farms to Food Banks program buys products that farmers might not be able to otherwise sell, or might go to waste because they’re not visually appealing enough to be sold in grocery stores.

Last year, 385 Kentucky farmers participated in the Farms to Food Banks program. Sandberg said the goal is to increase that to 400 farmers this year.

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