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Eastern Kentucky health agency holds mobile tetanus shot clinic following devastating flooding

Flooding in Jackson, Kentucky.
Stu Johnson
Flooding in Jackson, Kentucky.

The Breathitt County Health Department staged a mobile clinic Tuesday with an emphasis on tetanus and hepatitis A shots. Administrative Specialist Megan Deaton said the remote clinic was situated along Kentucky Highway 476. Deaton said it’s in response to people being exposed to debris and flood waters.

“We have had reports already of people being sick. That’s the importance of the vaccine. And then, they’re not able to get…everybody’s not able to either call here or get here so, that’s where we’re going to offer that out in the community,” said Deaton.

If it goes well, Deaton said other mobile sites may be established in other sections of Breathitt County. It’s possible health department staff will need to go door to door in some circumstances. Black mold could be a concern in time, as well.

“We have not had reports of that yet. I would say there’s not been enough time frame for that to start developing. I’m sure that that will happen and we will work with our environmentalist here,” said Deaton.

Mosquito-borne illnesses are also a concern. Deaton noted the health department currently doesn’t have any preventive medicine, like that given to travelers to other mosquito-infested countries. The health department official added foot traffic at the Jackson health agency has definitely increased.