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Kentucky will see hot, humid temperatures for most of the week

Screenshot From The National Weather Service In Jackson, Kentucky.

A heat wave will grip Kentucky until Friday. The National Weather Service in Jackson says a strong high pressure system will allow hot and humid temperatures to linger.

Across the state, temperatures are expected to reach the mid and upper 90s.

Forecaster Pete Geogerian, is with the National Weather Service in Jackson. He said hotter temperatures like this are usually seen later in the summer.

“So we're just we're seeing a lot of records being threatened or exceeded,” he said. “And, again, the humidity coupled with it just makes for kind of a miserable, miserable time.”

Geogerian says it’s a good idea to limit your exposure outdoors while there’s a heat advisory.

“If you have to be out there, definitely take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water. Know the signs of heat exhaustion or potential heatstroke,” he said.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion include heavy sweating, dizziness, nausea and headache. If a person loses consciousness or has a seizure these are signs of heat stroke which can be deadly if untreated.