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Bowling Green therapist who recovered from anorexia says eating disorders often hidden

Hannah Covington
Therapist Hillary Bacon came to the WKU Public Radio studio for a conversation about recovering from an eating disorder.

A recently formed support group in Owensboro called Aubrey’s Song is raising awareness about eating disorders and developing local resources for treatment.

The group is in memory of Aubrey Michelle Clark, who began struggling with an eating disorder in middle school and lost her life to complications from the illness in 2005 at age 22.

One of the board members of Aubrey’s Song is Hillary Bacon, a therapist who works in crisis mental health services at LifeSkills in Bowling Green. Bacon, who is 28 years old, knows first-hand the insidious way an eating disorder develops.

"It was more and more exercise on less and less fuel, until eventually I'm in the gym a couple of hours a day on very little to no food."
Hillary Bacon

Bacon decided to eat healthier and develop an exercise routine, so she took a women's weightlifting class as a student at Western Kentucky University. She drastically restricted her food intake, along with extended hours at the gym, and the combination caused her to lose weight quickly.

She realized her perceptions were distorted and she finally called her parents.

Bacon developed anorexia in her sophomore year of college. She spent several working with a therapist, physical and dietician and to get her eating, and her perspective, in balance.

She says she's now recovered from anorexia and has achieved the balance and normal life she has been working toward for years.

After becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Bacon is pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical social work.

You can listen to a longer conversation with Hillary Bacon here:

A conversation with Hillary Bacon

Note: Aubrey's Song meets the fourth Thursday of the month from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Logsdon Center in Owensboro. The group is for friends and families of individuals with eating disorders. For information call 270-852-6514.