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As General Assembly session end looms, many bills still undecided in Frankfort

Senate Rules Committee meeting
Stu Johnson
Senate Rules Committee meeting

The Kentucky Legislature is scheduled to meet in session two days this week and there are lots of items, big and small, still up for debate and possible action.

It’s not unusual for there to be a mad dash to the finish line at the end of Kentucky General Assembly sessions. That looks like the scenario for sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Lebanon GOP Senator Jimmy Higdon said there are probably about 20 bills that are heavy lifts, adding his crystal ball is very murky.

“You know there are hundreds of items that are unresolved. We got time to resolve a few of them. So, it’s anybody’s guess what will happen,” said Higdon.

One of the must-get-done items is the state budget. Another item on their radar is tax reduction. Budget conferees from both the House and Senate have been working on these priorities. On Friday, Senate Minority Floor Leader Morgan McGarvey said he wished democrats were more heavily involved.

“What we’re asking for is transparency in the process. Whether it’s the budget or its tax policy, it needs to be crafted in the open with input from all sides. I don’t see that happening right now. We certainly want it to happen if it’s going to pass next week,” said McGarvey.

To the question of action on taxes, Senate Budget Committee Chair Chris McDaniel responded last week, referring to the House, quote, “Still lots of conversations to be had on that. They’ve got their opinions and we’ve got ours. But I’m sure we’ll find middle ground.”