Kentucky Governor Defends New Science Curriculum

Oct 31, 2013

Like most other states, Kentucky is moving forward with implementing the Next Generation Science Standards.  Governor Steve Beshear decided in September to adopt the new science requirements even though a legislative subcommittee found them to be “deficient.”  Beshear told WKU Public Radio he’s supporting the requirements to keep Kentucky students competitive.

“My job, Commissioner Holliday’s job, and the Kentucky Board of Education’s job is to make sure our children are college and career ready when they leave high school," said Beshear.  "Part of getting them college and career ready is to make sure they study all the different scientific theories they are out there that everybody else in the world will be studying.”

The General Assembly might consider legislation in January that would kill the new teachings.  Opponents have criticized the standards claiming they treat evolution as fact rather than theory, and put too much emphasis on climate change. 

The new standards are slated to be in the classroom next fall.