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Why Underwrite

Underwriting on WKU Public Radio reaches a unique audience in a very unique way with advantages not available with other media:

  • MINIMUM CLUTTER - we only air a limited number of announcements per hour, so your message receives listener attention.
  • HIGH TIME SPENT LISTENING- your message is heard because our listeners stay tuned for longer periods of time.*
  • UNDERWRITER SATISFACTION - listeners prefer to buy products from public radio sponsors, when price and quality are equal - and underwriters say public radio has met their marketing expectations.*
  • HALO EFFECT - Underwriting on public radio enhances your image, projecting quality, credibility and stability.  As a result listeners are more apt to learn more about and do business with the underwriter.*

The real question to ask is not why underwrite but rather why not?

Contact our Corporate Support Teamand we will work with you to create a customized underwriting package that meets your needs and budget.

*Based on a national survey conducted among public radio listeners by Knowledge Networks.