Tompkinsville Monroe County

Becca Schimmel

If you don’t know exactly where the Tompkinsville water plant is you probably won’t be able to find it.

I drive past a high school, over a bridge and take a left into a narrow driveway. Down the hill, a small gray building comes into view. Walking up the road is Jonathan Shaw, the supervisor of this small water plant. He said he’s proud to be the one responsible for delivering clean, potable water to the people of Tompkinsville.


“I tell people all the time...I say I’m the water boy,” Shaw said.  

Authorities are investigating whether a long standing grudge led to the shooting death of an 82 year old retired Monroe County lawman. Eighty-one-year old Charles Hammer is accused of gunning down Herbert Proffitt last month in his Tompkinsville driveway. The killing rattled the tight-knit town where the victim's only son is the mayor.