Rhonda J. Miller

A manufacturer of recycled plastic products in Evansville, Indiana is experiencing a surge in business due, in part, to China halting the import of plastic trash last year. Green Tree Plastics is now expanding partnerships with major corporations.

The family-owned company is also meeting the growing demand from student groups to produce benches and picnic tables from what most Americans have been sending to landfills -  plastic bottle caps.

The playground at Holy Name Catholic School in Henderson, Kentucky has a couple of special benches. They’re made from recycled plastic caps and lids, from water bottles, milk jugs, yogurt cups, toothpaste, coffee cans, peanut butter, and lots of other containers.

Brittany Patterson

More than 100 people braved freezing temperatures to both listen and have their say in front of Ohio environmental officials at a recent hearing in Belmont County, Ohio. For the three dozen or so people who testified, the stakes were high.

The hearing at Shadyside High School focused on a nearly 300-page, densely technical, draft air quality permit. The permit is one more step towards a massive, multi-billion dollar petrochemical plant proposed for the banks of the Ohio River just a few miles away from the auditorium.

Kroger To Phase Out Plastic Bags Nationwide By 2025

Aug 24, 2018
J. Tyler Franklin

Kroger says it will phase out single-use plastic bags nationwide by 2025.

The move is part of The Kroger Company’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste commitment, the company announced Thursday in a news release. The initiative, according to Kroger’s website, is to “end hunger in our communities and eliminate waste in our company by 2025.”

Instead of plastic bags, the grocery chain plans to transition to reusable bags to decrease plastic waste.