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Ryland Barton

The court battle continues over who has to pay attorney’s fees for gay couples who sued Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis for refusing to issue marriage licenses to them.

Davis refused to issue marriage licenses in the wake of the landmark Supreme Court ruling in 2015 that legalized same-sex marriage — she spent five days in jail as a result.

On Thursday, a three-judge panel on the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in two cases — one over who is responsible for the nearly $225,000 in legal fees and the other over whether Davis is immune from paying the bill herself.

Gov. Bevin, Kentucky Clerk At Odds Over Attorneys’ Fees

Jan 31, 2019
J. Tyler Franklin

As a candidate for governor in 2015, Matt Bevin said he “absolutely supported” a Kentucky county clerk who stopped issuing marriage licenses because of her opposition to gay marriage.

But four years later, after a court ordered Kentucky taxpayers to pay more than $222,000 in legal fees for the gay and straight couples who sued, outside lawyers for now Gov. Bevin say former Rowan County clerk Kim Davis broke the law and taxpayers “should not have to collectively bear the financial responsibility for Davis’ intransigence.”

J. Tyler Franklin

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has announced that his running mate during his re-election campaign this year will be Ralph Alvarado, a state senator and physician from Winchester.

The announcement came just four days before the deadline to run for office, January 29, and means that current Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton will not be on a ticket with Bevin again.

J. Tyler Franklin

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin said he hoped to avoid weighing in on the confrontation between students at Covington Catholic High School and activists in Washington D.C, but took to Twitter on Tuesday to criticize “liberals” who were upset by the controversy.

Over the weekend, a video surfaced showing a group of Covington Catholic students in “Make America Great Again” hats jeering, chanting and laughing at Native American activist Nathan Phillips, who calmly beat a drum and sang a prayer.


A federal judge is delaying a lawsuit seeking to overturn Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s Medicaid changes. Judge James Boasberg granted the Department of Justice one additional week to respond to the suit because of the government shutdown.

Lawyers for the federal government are on furlough and therefore have limitations on what cases they can spend time on, according to the DOJ’s request. The DOJ originally asked for a stay in the case until the shutdown ends. 

J. Tyler Franklin

Attorney General Andy Beshear’s office is reviewing a new emergency regulation recently enacted by Governor Matt Bevin impacting public access to state buildings and facilities. The new rules require those wanting to assemble at a state building to submit an application ten days in advance of the event.

“And that could be potentially problematic because if you take an example of last year when there were more or less spontaneous reaction to and demonstration against the pension reform measure that seemingly wouldn’t pass muster under the new administrative regulation,” said Michael Abate, a Louisville based attorney with experience in media and constitutional law.

LRC Public Information

A new state lawmaker from eastern Kentucky has become the first Republican to formally launch a campaign for governor as speculation continues over whether Gov. Matt Bevin will run for re-election.

In an announcement Tuesday morning, Rep. Robert Goforth of East Bernstadt criticized Bevin’s character and stance on issues.

“I’m not a New England transplant using the people of Kentucky to feed my ego or audition for a job in Washington D.C.,” Goforth said. “Rather, I empathize with millions of my fellow Kentuckians. I understand and I respect you because I am you.”

Jacob Ryan

Former State Auditor Adam Edelen is the third Democrat to launch a bid for Kentucky governor.

During an announcement in Lexington, Edelen said as governor he would focus on fixing the state’s public education system, protecting health coverage and generating new revenue for the state’s cash-strapped budget.

Edelen depicted himself as a new direction for Kentucky Democrats, saying that he is an alternative to “the stale scent of incrementalism and nostalgia.”

Edelen Strategic Ventures

Speculation that former State Auditor Adam Edelen will run for Kentucky governor continues to grow after the back door to his gubernatorial campaign website was left open on Wednesday.

The test-version of the website included the text “Adam Edelen for Governor” and “Edelen Holland 2019” and was quickly shut down after pictures of the page began circulating on social media.

The page also included an embedded YouTube video of Hall & Oates’ hit 1977 single, “Rich Girl.”

J. Tyler Franklin

A little less than 48 hours after Gov. Matt Bevin summoned lawmakers to Frankfort to make changes to the state’s pension systems, the legislature voted to end the special session.

The development is a blow to the governor, who called the special session days after the state Supreme Court struck down a new pension law that Bevin signed earlier this year.

Bevin defended his decision to call the session despite the $65,000-per day cost.

Ryland Barton

After Gov. Matt Bevin called a surprise legislative session on Monday afternoon, state lawmakers traveled to Frankfort and began working on a new attempt to overhaul the state’s pension systems.

Following hours of closed-door discussion, Republican leaders of the legislature filed two different versions of a new pension bill. One is similar to legislation struck down by the Kentucky Supreme Court and the other is a new proposal brought by Gov. Matt Bevin.

J. Tyler Franklin

Days after the Kentucky Supreme Court struck down legislation that would have overhauled the state’s pension system, Gov. Matt Bevin has called for lawmakers to return to Frankfort and pass a new version of the bill.

The Kentucky Supreme Court struck down the Republican pension measure last week saying that lawmakers violated the state constitution by not following proper procedures designed to give legislators and the public time to review legislation.

Trump Administration Re-Approves New Rules For Kentucky Medicaid

Nov 21, 2018
Kentucky Hospital Association

The Trump administration has again approved work requirements or a suitable alternative for Kentucky’s Medicaid population after a judge blocked the state’s first attempt earlier this year.

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services said Tuesday the new rules can begin as soon as April 1 and will be phased in regionally over several months. They will require some adults to complete 80 hours of “community engagement” each month, which includes a job, volunteering or going to school.

“Kentucky HEALTH offers a customized path based on individual needs that will help beneficiaries gain better health, engagement in their communities, improved employability, and success through long-term independence,” said Cabinet Secretary Adam Meier.

Ryland Barton

A federal court in Louisville has begun hearing arguments over a new set of abortion restrictions that passed out of the Republican-led Kentucky legislature earlier this year.

The only abortion provider in the state is suing Gov. Matt Bevin over the measure, which requires doctors to induce fetal death before performing “dilation and evacuation” abortions — the most common procedure for women seeking to end their pregnancies in the second trimester.

Bevin Takes Behind-the-Scenes Role in 2018 Campaign

Nov 2, 2018
J. Tyler Franklin

Republicans trying to defend their majority in Kentucky's House of Representatives have had to do it with less public help from GOP Gov. Matt Bevin than they have had in the past — and some of them may prefer it that way.

Bevin was everywhere two years ago as he traveled the state stumping for candidates in a year that ultimately saw the GOP win a majority in the House of Representatives for the first time in nearly 100 years. But since then, his approval ratings have declined following critical comments of public school teachers who opposed his pension reforms.