David McAtee

Walt and Shae Smith

David McAtee’s family announced Monday that they plan to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the Louisville Metro Police Department and the city in relation to McAtee’s death one week ago.

McAtee, 53, was killed June 1 in a barrage of bullets fired by Louisville police and the National Guard outside his small barbecue restaurant at the intersection of 26th Street and Broadway in the city’s Russell neighborhood.

On Monday, during a press conference outside McAtee’s restaurant, attorney Ted Shouse said the family will file suit once McAtee’s mother is appointed administrator of his estate. It’s unclear just when that will be, Shouse said, since the court system is “bolloxed-up” due to the ongoing pandemic.

J. Tyler Franklin

On the night of the first protest in Louisville on May 28, Kayla Meisner and her boyfriend watched everything unfold downtown on the news. She said, for a long time, they talked about taking to the streets to demand change. But it’s also been scary. 

“Then we go [to the protests] Friday with the same mentality, this is something we’re fighting for, but we’re scared of this,” said Meisner, who is Black and works at the University of Louisville. 

Meisner thought the protests felt peaceful on Friday, but said things had “a totally different energy” when it got dark. 

Mayor And LMPD Claim Video Shows David McAtee Fired First

Jun 2, 2020
Walt and Shae Smith

City officials on Tuesday afternoon released surveillance video footage they said appeared to show that David McAtee, the man shot and killed by law enforcement early Monday, fired a gun before he was shot.

Mayor Greg Fischer said he showed the video to McAtee’s family before releasing the video to the public during a press conference.

One video was from inside McAtee’s store, Yaya’s BBQ, and showed McAtee and several other people walk in and out of the building as police officers and National Guard arrived on the scene. McAtee appeared early in the video to be carrying a spatula or tongs.