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Ban Conversion Therapy Kentucky

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has signed an ordinance banning conversion therapy for minors, an anti-LGBTQ practice that has been discredited by health professionals.

Louisville is the second Kentucky city to ban conversion therapy. Covington passed a similar ordinance earlier in the year.

Fischer said the measure will protect minors from serious physical and psychological harm.

“Our LGBTQ kids don’t need to be converted, they don’t need to be repaired. They need to be loved, supported and accepted for who they are,” Fischer said.

Ryland Barton

A bipartisan group of Kentucky lawmakers wants to ban conversion therapy, a discredited method used to try and change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

A proposal to ban the practice was heard during the legislature’s Interim Joint Committee On Licensing And Occupations on Tuesday.

Zach Meiners, a 30 year-old filmmaker Louisville, says he was forced by his parents to go to conversion counseling sessions twice a week for four years when he was a teenager.