Confucius Institute


A south central Kentucky school district has reached an agreement to operate the Confucius Institute formerly based at Western Kentucky University.  The program that promotes Chinese language and culture will be run by the Simpson County school system.

The agreement will allow the Confucius Institute to offer Chinese instruction in 47 K-12 schools in more than a dozen counties in the upcoming academic year.  The deal was reached in the last few days of Dr. Jim Flynn’s tenure as superintendent.  He told WKU Public Radio that the district is a good fit because Simpson County schools has had a long-standing relationship with the Confucius Institute.


Western Kentucky University is closing a program on campus that promotes Chinese language and culture. 

In an email to faculty and staff on Monday, WKU President Timothy Caboni announced the school is terminating its agreement with the Confucius Institute. 

The institute came to WKU in 2010 and helps place Chinese language teachers in local K-through-12 schools, while also serving as a hub for teacher training and curriculum development.

“Though activities will phase out over the next several weeks, we will continue our dialogue with key partners to work toward a solution that allows WKU to continue our programming,” Dr. Caboni said. “We hope to strengthen, deepen and broaden our relationships with partner institutions in China throughout this process.”

WKU Hosts Meeting of U.S. Confucius Institutes

Sep 29, 2013
Emil Moffatt

The four-day joint meeting of the U.S. Confucius Institutes concludes on Monday in Bowling Green. Representatives from over 90 universities have attended the meetings, hosted by WKU.  More than 260 delegates are attending the conference.

Madame Xu Lin is director general of the Chinese Education Ministry of Hanban.  She says it’s important for Americans to learn about Chinese culture and vice-versa. 

“Parents, students and teachers realize the two countries need to be hand-in-hand and we need to know each other, especially [in terms of] culture and for the younger generations [for their] careers,” said Xu who was in Bowling Green for the meetings.  
W-K-U established its Confucius Institute in 2010 and sends students and staff every year to visit China. Xu says experiencing another culture first hand is invaluable.