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New Saturday Schedule

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! has moved to the Saturday morning 9c/10e timeslot right after Weekend Edition SaturdayWait Wait is now followed at 10c/11e by Sound Opinions, a show that mixes music with conversations about music.


Why is Car Talk Going Away?

The last new episode of Car Talk aired in 2012. Since then the show has been made up of segments from past shows. The show was re-branded The Best of Car Talk following the death of co-host Tom Magliozzi in 2014. In 2016, NPR announced it would no longer be producing new “Best of” shows as of September of this year. Car Talk will still be available for streaming online here

“We understand that many people will miss hearing Car Talk every weekend on the radio,” said Emil Moffatt, station manager for WKU Public Radio. “It will go down as one of the defining shows in the history of public radio. But we also think it’s time to refresh our weekend lineup and give our listeners a chance to discover new programming.”

As always, your feedback about any of our shows is welcome at or by phone at 270-745-6473.

New WKU Public Radio Weekend Lineup

Sunday evenings (beginning April 2, 2017)
4:00/5:00                    Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!
5:00/6:00                    A Way with Words
6:00/7:00                    Old Scratchy Records
7:00/8:00                    From the Top
8:00/9:00                    Evening With the Pops

Saturday mornings (beginning July 1, 2017)
6:00/7:00                   A Way with Words
7:00/8:00                   Weekend Edition Saturday
9:00/10:00                 Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!
10:00/11:00                Sound Opinions
11:00/Noon                The Thistle & Shamrock