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Report: Kentucky Improving Levels of Equality for LGBT Community

A new report measuring the level of equality given to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Kentuckians shows some signs of improvement.

The Human Rights Campaign released its second annual Municipal Equality Index, which examined laws and policies that foster LGBT equality in nearly 300 American cities.

Four Kentucky cities were included in the report—Bowling Green, Frankfort, Louisville and Lexington. Although the cities scored below the national average, Fairness Campaign executive director Chris Hartman says the numbers show a substantial improvement over last year.

“Lexington made a big splash; Louisville improved its score by a number of points; and Frankfort went from zero points the previous year, one of I think only three cities that achieved a zero score in 2012, to making it on the map in 2013," said Hartman.

Hartman acknowledges there’s room for improvement, but says a recent law passed by the General Assembly undermining local fairness ordinances has not hurt his group’s efforts.