WKU Professor: Universal Declaration of Human Rights Still Resonates 70 Years Later

Nov 29, 2018

Credit humanrights.laws.com

A Kentucky Professor who researches ethnic cleansing says the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" has served as a road map for the rights of all human beings since it was ratified by the United Nations General Council in 1948. 

Dr. Sam McFarland, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Western Kentucky University said the declaration continues to serve as an aspirational document 70 years later.  

"We still see major human rights abuses around the world.  So we certainly have not achieved the full realization of the human rights that the Universal Declaration hoped for," said McFarland. " On the other hand, I do believe we are in a much better position than we were 70 years ago with regard to human rights."

Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelet who helped draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights referred to it as "Humanity's Magna Carta."  Human Rights Day is recognized worldwide on December 10th.