WKU Presidential Search Committee Laying Out Timeline For Next Steps

Jun 27, 2016

WKU President Gary Ransdell, left, is retiring June 30, 2017.
Credit Kevin Willis, WKU Public Radio

Members of the Western Kentucky University presidential search committee are laying out a timeline of next steps in the hiring process.

The executive search firm helping identify candidates will meet later this summer with WKU faculty, staff, and student groups.

Search committee members have been looking through the first draft of a profile containing input from those on and around the school’s campus.

Search committee chairman Dr. Phillip Bale says a big part of that draft is a list of the characteristics those groups want to see in the school’s next leader.

“I don’t there’s a person that exists in the world who has all them, so part of our charge, as it were, will be to figure out what is most important.”

The presidential search committee is scheduled to meet at least two more times in the fall—once in September and once in November--before starting candidate interviews in early December.

The committee will then select finalists for a second round of interviews in early 2017.

WKU President Gary Ransdell has announced he’ll retire at the end of June 2017 after 20 years on the job.