Poll: Majority in Kentucky Supports Gun Rights, But Also Several Restrictions

Jan 29, 2013

A new Courier-Journal Bluegrass poll shows that a clear majority of Kentuckians believe the right to own guns is more important than the need for increased gun control measures. However, the same poll found small to large majorities favor individual parts of a gun control package championed by President Obama.

Of those surveyed, 65 percent said they believe guns protect law-abiding citizens more than make society more dangerous. Twenty-seven percent disagreed with that statement.

Despite the general support for Second Amendment rights, 56 percent said they favored stricter laws limiting access to firearms.

Other findings from the poll:

75 percent support background checks on gun buyers, even if the sale is between private parties.

65 percent would support a law that requires guns to be registered with the state.

53 percent support a law limiting how much ammunition can be purchased at one time.

51 percent support a limit on how much ammunition a gun can hold at once.

The telephone survey was conducted Jan. 24-27, involved 700 Kentucky residents, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.8 percentage points.