PHOTOS: Impromptu Protest Draws Crowd of Over 100 in Bowling Green

Jun 1, 2020

One of the speakers at the protest with a mask that reads 'I CAN'T BREATHE'.
Credit Becca Schimmel

More than 100 people gathered and marched in downtown Bowling Green Monday, to protest police brutality and racial inequality. It marks the fourth day of protests, organized by different groups and individuals. 

Protestors walked from the Warren County Justice Center to city police headquarters, where the speeches and chants focused on police brutality. Marchers displayed 'Black Lives Matter' signs, although the event was not organized by that group. Other displays had the names of black people who have died in police custody. 

Throughout the marching, protestors remained peaceful, and there was no police presence during the event. 

Protestors holding signs outside of the Warren County Justice Center.
Credit Becca Schimmel

Protestors in downtown Bowling Green were led in chants calling for racial equality and changes to policing. The speeches contained a theme of anger towards the police. 

Two of the speakers addressing a crowd of protestors.
Credit Becca Schimmel

The protest drew a diverse crowd of young people who marched their way through downtown Bowling Green. 

A group of protestors listening to a speaker.
Credit Becca Schimmel

Many cars drove by honking their horns in support, while a few others voiced their criticism of the group and their message. 

A crowd of protestors marching through downtown Bowling Green.
Credit Becca Schimmel