Pedal and Standing Desks Decrease Fidgeting and Increase Focus in Owensboro Schools

Feb 1, 2016

Students in two Owensboro elementary schools now have new ways to cut down on fidgeting and concentrate on their work. That's thanks to new desks. 

Credit Owensboro Public Schools

Estes Elementary got 10 pedal desks for kindergarten classes. The desks look a little like a tricycle with a desk on top. They allow students to get a little exercise while learning.

Sutton Elementary got 39 standing desks that give students the choice of standing up or sitting on a stool. The desks are similar to what you might see in an art or design studio.

Fourth grade teacher Gina Davis has most of the standing desks in her classroom. 

"The students are definitely more focused and they love using them," says Davis. "Many students choose to stand the whole time. I've never said they have to stand or they have to sit, but they're choosing to do a lot of standing."

She’s been teaching for 20 years and says she’s already seen a difference since the new desks came in a few weeks ago.    

“Before we had the desks, you could tell when a kid is losing focus. They start to fidget, they’re tapping their pencil on the desk, they’re looking around, they’re talking to their neighbors," says Davis. "Now they do have that outlet. I notice instead of tapping their pencil and doing those type of behaviors, they’ll stand, they’ll lean on the desk, and they are staying more focused.”

The Owensboro Board of Education provided $25,000 for the 39 standing desks for students, as well as one for the teacher. The board awarded $12,000 for the pedal desks.