New Scam Reported in Four KY Counties Making Victims of Senior Citizens and Veterans

Sep 28, 2018

Credit Thinkstock

The Office of the Kentucky Attorney General says one of the latest scams making the rounds in the state targets senior citizens and military veterans.

The AG’s Office has received reports from Edmonson, Fayette, Jefferson, and Spencer counties that con artists are trying to get would-be victims to switch their monthly bank deposits to a fake bank account.

The scammers’ goal is to steal monthly Social Security or military veteran benefits.

The scammers claim to be a bank employee, or representative from the Social Security Administration or veteran organization.

They tell the victim that their benefit deposit must be “reverified” due to “suspicious activity”.

If the scammer gets the victim’s personal, banking, and account login information, they can steal the victim’s identify and make unauthorized direct deposit changes.

The Kentucky AG’s Office recently helped one veteran recover nearly $3,200 lost in the scam.