LRS Live Replay: Liz Brasher & Justin Kalk

Nov 9, 2019

Lost River Sessions Live returned to the Capitol Arts Center in Bowling Green for a special October show featuring Tennesee-based musicians Liz Brasher and Justin Kalk.

Brasher's first studio album, Painted Image came out earlier this year. It's already received praise from the likes of NPR Music.

Brasher first came to Memphis to record and fell in love with the city. Her album incorporates her influences from the legendary Stax Records act, The Staple Singers as well as from the Queen of Gospel, Mahalia Jackson.

Justin Kalk is preparing to release his next studio album, Peacemaker. The guitarrist and singer combines influences from Jimi Hendrix' bluesy style to Kendrick Lamar's lyrics on this latest release. It will also feature work from the artist Ralph Steadman, as did the rest of Kalk's albums.